Groupboss has no direct integration with Gist email marketing autoresponder. But, it has got a direct connection with Google sheet. You can now send your leads from the Facebook group to Gist with the connection of Google sheet through Zapier.

You can follow the steps given below to connect Google sheet with Gist using Zapier.

1. Go to the google sheet integration page with zapier. You can give a name to your Zap.

2. Now search for ‘Gist’ and in the pairing apps and select it.

3. Select the option ‘Add Gist leads from new or updated Google Sheets rows’ and click ‘Try it’.

4. In this step ‘App and event’ need to be selected. The app should be a Google sheet and the trigger event should be ‘New or Updated Spreadsheet Row(Instant)’.

4. Now you need to connect your Google account from which you will use the Google sheet. If you have added already then you need to select that. If not, add your Google account and allow zapier.

5. Now add spreadsheet, worksheet, and trigger column. Select the column as the trigger that contains your email.

6. Now you need to test a trigger by selecting a row. Usually, Zapier shows a default row. You can choose that one as well.

7. Now select App and event for Gist. Gist is already selected. Choose ‘Create or Update Lead’ as Action Event and click ‘Continue’.

8. In this step choose your Gist account.

9. Now choose ‘Email Address’ and ‘Full Name’ from the spreadsheet column.

10. You are almost done. Now you have the option to ‘Test and Review’ or ‘Test and Continue’. Let us select ‘Test and Continue’ and turn on the Zap.

11. You are now done with the setup. Now, go to your Facebook group and approve the members using ‘Approve by Groupboss’ or ‘Approve All By Groupboss’.

12. Now go to the “Contacts” section of your Encharge account and refresh the page. Don’t worry if you don’t see the email. Just wait for a few moments (Approximately 2 minutes) and refresh the page and you will find the email updated.