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With the help of the following steps, you will be able to do the integration of Groupboss with Mailerlite

  • Go to Groupboss chrome extension and sign in to your account.

  • Select Facebook group from your Group list. Then go to ‘Autoresponder’ and select ‘Mailerlite’ and click on ‘Add’

  • Then you will need ‘API Key’ and 'Group Id’. To get all those, sign in to your Mailerlite account.

  • In your Mailerlite account, Go to the ‘Subscribers’ option, then click on the ‘Groups’ option. Now you need to create a group clicking on “Create Group”.You can give a random name to your group and click on “create”. You can use an existing group as well.

  • Now click on your account name at the top right corner and go to “Integrations”. Then click on ‘Developer API’. There you will find API Key and the Group Id.

  • Copy the API Key and Group Id. Then paste those on the Groupboss chrome extension. Then click on ‘Save’.

  • Now, go to your Facebook group and approve the pending requests by clicking on ‘Approve by Groupboss’.or ‘Approve all by Groupboss’

  • After approving the requests, go to the Subscribers or the Group you have created. There you will get the emails of the members, whose requests you have approved.

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